PACE Activities Satisfy Continuing Curiosity

Activities of all types are an important part of any Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Adult Day Program. Many activities take place at the centers housing the programs, including arts and crafts; gardening; car shows; fairs; and other events.

Field trips are another important socialization opportunity because they offer program participants the chance to engage with a broader community outside the center. These trips create a communal aspect among participants because the group interacts and socializes.

Trips provide an outlet for their curiosity and the need to learn, which I think never goes away even as we age. It really nourishes the need for intellectual stimulation.

To learn more about PACE centers in your area, including the activities offered, visit PACE4You.

Ron DeVriesRon DeVries, Center Director, InnovAge Greater Colorado PACE-Chambers Center




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