Lenore Rivera: Can’t be Left Alone

Part three

Daily, I needed to comfort her and describe the things in her room so she would understand that these are all her belongings and she’s lived here for 4+ years.

Soon, she began putting things on her face, such as acetone (nail polish remover), toothpaste, lipstick, shampoo, whatever was around. She thought these were facial products. They finally had to remove everything from her room, even lotion.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about people with Alzheimer’s, it’s that they really shouldn’t be left to live alone. All that time, I thought I was doing my mother justice by having her in a private room. Not so. She needed a companion, a room-mate for her to not feel so alone and confused. Obviously, this would not have slowed the process of her illness down, but having someone in the room may have eased her mind from confusion.

Lenore RiveraLenore Rivera, guest blogger





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