Tips on Aging Well!

Over the years, InnovAge doctors in California, Colorado and New Mexico have learned a lot about working with older adults.

Aging well: painting
Aging well: painting

Rather than keeping all that great information secret, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lisa Price regularly shares tips on aging well with magazines and blogs.

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86 Year Old Crushes 1,500-meter Race Walk

Al Haan, an 86-year-old participant at InnovAge’s PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) center in Thornton, Colorado recently competed in the Rocky Mountain Senior Games. Al’s event is the 1,500-meter race walk.

Al Haain
Al Haan

He completed the walk in 13:36 and took second place in the 85 to 89-year-old division at the games. (His brother Raymond took first with a time of 13:19.)

How does he do it? Lots of preparation.

Albert has trained every day for the past two years in the morning. He then started walking 15 laps daily at Thornton Center when he joined PACE. (The Thornton Center has an indoor walking track; see our June 6 post about the Flat 14ers club for details.)

Al Haan walks laps at PACE center.
Al Haan walks laps at PACE center.

An InnovAge recreation expert suggested Al enter the senior games and the rest, as they say, is 4,921 feet.

Watch for Al next year at the track. He’s started lifting weights and building his core strength so he can run the 100M dash.

April Showers Bring August Flowers

When you get a group of creative people together, you know the outcome is going to be amazing. That’s what happened when the InnovAge PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) Thornton, Colorado Center rolled out “Mocktails & Canvases.” With a little help from staff, participants painted daisies and enjoyed non-alcoholic drinks.

Participants broke out the paints, paintbrushes and canvases to create their own artwork, which will be displayed at home and at the center.


Check out the beautiful results!

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